Accessible Āyurveda 2022

The Science of Life

Āyurveda takes a holistic view of your body & mind (microcosm), to create unique-to-you practices and food recommendations that are ideal for creating balance.

Think of this age-old Indian medical science as a tool that can help you feel healthier and more balanced through easy changes in your everyday living. Each time you eat, cook, or do anything in your daily life, it can be a step towards creating balance and joy.

Get clarity about your digestion, the Five Elements, and exactly what foods and lifestyle habits are most helpful for you in Accessible Āyurveda. Learn how to tend to your life in a way that creates abundant calm and steady joy instead of supporting your status quo. Learn practical, easy to implement tips for optimizing your meals, daily rituals, and supportive practices. Find out how to really support your health and longevity.

This 12 month program is designed to empower you to establish the life you want, through gradual, easy-to-implement, shifts in your daily practices. The knowledge and support to truly create balance and good health is here.

Your Teacher

Elizabeth Bossart
Elizabeth Bossart

Elizabeth Bossart, is a well seasoned Practitioner of Āyurveda. She holds a Masters in Āyurveda and is a Certified Āyurvedic Practitioner from the Mt. Madonna Institute College of Āyurveda.

She recently returned from completing a 5 week Āyurvedic internship in India and is eager to share her wealth of knowledge and experience with you. Join her to study Āyurveda, the Science of Life and its applicability to your everyday joy, health and wellbeing.

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